We design and create various types of media at Dual Velocity.  Whether you need an image campaign, a website, a video produced, or some printed material designed for your business, we are here to help!



Image is a fundamental part of your business.  Image defines who you are to the rest of the world. It's your logo, the font face, and the colors used that combine for the overall look for your business.  Until the very first transaction, there's a lot riding on how you present yourself and your company.  Make sure you communicate your professionalism with the right logo, letterhead, and envelopes.


In today's world, mobility and technology walk hand in hand.  Having the ability to email personnel, check documents, stay in contact with customers as well as many other tasks is simply expected in modern business.  While we are still new to this area, we are very proud of the few applications that we have developed.  Click on the links below to read a little about our Apps.


Print Media is everything related to your business that is printed in some form. It emcompasses business cards, advertisements, brochures, letterhead, direct mail pieces, calendars, menus, signs, etc. Everything we create reflects our professionalism and yours.


Today, in order to succeed, it is essential to have a presence on the internet. We will not only help you establish that presence, but your site will be professional in its structure and design.


Video is one of the best ways to get the message across to the audience. Whether its a video-photo album, a wedding commemorative, or a special tribute, we will produce a professional, treasured product.

Design Fees

Logo Design/Creation = $300
(Unique & original logo for your business)

Image Campaign= $55/hr
(business card, letterhead, etc.)

Print Media = $55/hr
(brochures, ads, menus, etc.)

Web Design (see pricing below)

Quick & Easy
5 webpages & domain name = $350

Customized template w/ up to 15 webpages, 25 pictures, & domain name = $700

Customized template w/ up to 30 webpages, 50 pictures, domain name, & 1 year webhosting (50mb) = $1000

100% customized website w/ up to 50 webpages, 75 pictures, domain name, & 1 year webhosting (100mb) = $1600

Web Maintainence = $60/hr

Emergency Web Maintainence (within 24 hours) = $85/hr

Video Production = $400/10 minutes of video
($20/additional minute)

We also offer custom pricing.
Contact us to find out more!

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